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The Academy of Music believes that performance opportunities help aid the musical development of students of all ages. Click the link to see the stats!

  • 6 recitals (local and regional)
  • 2 competitions (Band Fest, and FunFest!)
  • 3 Recording Sessions
  • 4 Festivals (Milton Street Fest, Mac n Cheese Fest, and the Strawberry Fair, Culture Days)
  • 3 Exam Sessions

Our students won a total of 173 medals at FunFest in Niagara Falls and over 100 students achieved first class honours on their music exam. Our Rock Band program grew to 11 bands and won more medals then any other music school they competed against. Check out some highlights below!


Our Novice Band “The Jelly Donuts” LIVE recording @ B Town Sound  

Jacob Winning GOLD in the Vocal Entertainer Category @ FunFest in Niagara

Malika’s Band LIVE recording @ B TOWN Sound

One of Emily’s AWESOME Group Performances @ The Spring Recital

Our Senior Guitar Group Wins First Place! @ FunFest in Niagara

Justin Wins 1st Place at Funfest!


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