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Developing practice routines:

We wake up every morning and brush our teeth, it’s not very often you would “forget” to brush your teeth, right?

Developing a habit for anything you want to do regularly is the best plan for success.

Sitting at the instrument EVERYDAY, even if all they have is 5 minutes is better than not doing it at all. The act of going to their instrument daily will encourage them to develop a good habit.

It is easier to develop a habit if you are encouraging and supportive.  A great way to get your child thinking about their daily practice is to tell them how excited you are to hear them play their current lesson song.

To further your childs success trying to find a time of day they can consistently practice will guarantee you build great practice habits.  Wake up 15 minutes early and practice while they wait for the bus? When you are preparing dinner? What  works for each family will vary, but always keep it consistent.

A suggestion on when NOT to practice would be immediately before or after homework.  A tired mind will not accomplish anything.


Stay tuned for more tips, tricks & inspiration!

Amanda Zulauf

Teaching Supervisor



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