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Proper Posture while playing an instrument!

The most important rule to remember while playing any instrument is to remain relaxed.

Our shoulders can tense and creep towards our ears, our body tightens like we are holding our breath and our forearms and fingers get stiff like holding a tight fist.

For junior students a simple reminder to keep their shoulders away from their ears and to breathe as they play will set them up for productive and injury free playing.

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This student was here for a promotional photo shoot, I asked her to start playing a song and this immediately happened.  Her shoulders tensed as did her hands/forearms.

Help you child practice with ease by reminding them to relax if you notice tension happening. No musical knowledge is required to help your child practice properly 😉



For piano and drums make sure to sit the appropriate distance from the instrument, not too close but being comfortable enough to have a relaxed bend in your elbows.

For piano, guitar and drum lessons we want our students to be sitting tall, relaxed body, feet firmly on ground. ( Some guitar students may benefit from a stool for right foot)

For intermediate level students who are hopefully practicing at least 30 minutes a day consider taking a minute break half way through to shrug out your shoulders and wiggle your fingers.

 For senior level students that are practicing 45 mins + daily I strongly suggest breaking up practicing sessions or having a slightly longer break to loosen up.

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If you are interested in more stretching exercises please check out Ioulia’s relaxation yoga for musicians video. Ioulia is a senior vocal & piano teacher at the Academy of Music and a certified yoga instructor.


Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned for me tips, tricks & inspiration 🙂


-Amanda Zulauf

Teaching Supervisor



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