About Us

Fun and Engaging Musical Education

Fun and Engaging Musical Education

The Academy of Music is a family-run music school established in 1982 by our owner and founder Joanne Parker. Since then, our Milton studio has grown to encompass a wide variety of instruments as well as ensembles. At the Academy, we believe music education should be enjoyable and practical, which is why we provide each of our students the opportunity to perform in both graded and non-graded settings (concerts, recitals, competitions, etc.)

At the studio, you can expect to meet Joanne's son, Sean Parker (Sales Manager) and Amanda Zulauf (Teaching Supervisor).


Our teachers complete pedagogy training and participate in educational workshops several times a year.  We believe learning never ends; you can be confident that you are receiving a quality music education from the Academy of Music Milton.

Our program can be customized to accommodate any students’ interests and goals. No matter what instrument you choose, Academy students can expect:

  • Unlimited make-up lessons
  • Access to multiple playing opportunities (check out our Youtube page!)
  • Individualized lesson plans
  • Graded course of study and exams
  • Performance Opportunities
  • Post secondary audition preparation
  • Music points!
  • Free extra help lessons


Q. How often should my child practice?

A. Developing good practice habits is essential to success in music. At the beginning your child should practice about 15 minutes each day. The important thing is that they are consistent.

Q. Do I need an instrument at home?

A. Yes. It is essential for your child to practice at home. The Academy of Music currently offers a FREE one month rental upon enrolment.

Q. How long will it take before my child can play?

A. Our programs are designed to get the student playing music right away. You should notice dramatic improvements every couple of months depending on how much your child practices at home.

Q. What can I do to help my kids learn music?

A. Children need to know that they are doing well. By taking the time to listen to them play and cheering them on, you will increase their confidence and give them the motivation to keep it up.

Q. Do they really have to perform?

A. Regular performances are proven to help increase self-confidence, and they teach children to constantly set goals for themselves. Children with performance experience also usually become better public speakers as they grow older. Encouraging your child to perform can be one of the greatest things you can do for them. However, it would be unwise to force a child who really isn’t ready.