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The Academy of Music offers a very unique learning opportunity for bass students. Our contemporary bass program  incorporates elements of rock, pop, blues, jazz and country to create a balanced and well-rounded musician. This program will teach each student the fundamentals of music in a structured and exciting way. Our bass guitar program is directly tied into our rock band program which gives each bassist valuable real world playing opportunities. Our bass program is designed to be flexible to accommodate each students’ specific needs and goals. Bass students at the Academy can expect:

Ashley getting warmed up before a show
  • Lesson plans based on the students interest
  • Eligibility for our Rockband program (check it out HERE)
  • Free extra help lessons
  • Free entrance into our guitar ensemble program
  • Unlimited make-up lessons
  • Multiple playing opportunities every year
  • Free Rental with enrolment 
  • Graded Course of study

Whether you are looking to pick up the bass for fun or study at a professional level, the Academy of Music  is here to help! For more information feel free to give us a call or send us an email.


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