Ensemble Programs

Ensemble Programs

Ensemble Programs

We believe that performing in a group is a fun and encouraging way for students to hone their skills. Our ensemble programs are open to all students and are not limited by age or ability.


The Academy of Music’s Rock Band program has been empowering students to perform in a band setting for over 30 years! Rock Band is directly tied to our private lesson programs and allows students to apply their learning through live performances (competitive and non-competitive).

Our bands play many performances and competitions every year and consistently bring home gold medals under the leadership of our teachers Mike Berube and Sean Parker. This program is open to ALL students and is not limited by age or ability.

Our Rock Band program includes:

  • 1 hour practices once a week
  • Guidance from our senior Rock Band teachers
  • FREE extra help lessons
  • Customized song selection based on the students' interest
  • Performances at: Bandfest, Funfest, Champs, StreetFest, Strawberry Fest and more!
  • Multiple Audio and Video Recording opportunities

Glee Club

Glee Club is rapidly becoming one of our most popular programs at the Academy of Music! Our Glee clubs meet weekly for 1-hour sessions and practice pop-music arrangements. Past selections have included music from the movie Frozen and medleys of Top 40 pop music. 

Performances Include:

  • Milton Strawberry Fest
  • BandFest (St. Catherine’s)
  • Funfest (Niagara Falls)
  • Champs Music Fest
  • Milton Farmers Market
  • Milton Street Fest