Little Musicians


Little Musicians, a new early childhood music program at the Academy of Music, gives children ages 0-5 the opportunity to enjoy music, all while having fun with their caregiver, their teacher, and their peers. Children will be given the opportunity to develop their ears, sing in tune, and try a variety of instruments. Little Musicians helps children to develop a positive attitude towards music, play, and education that will last a lifetime.

LM class 0-12m

LM - Ages 0-12 Months
8 Week Session with caregiver

In this class, infants will start exploring their musical interests through lullabies, rhymes, and traditional foot and finger play! Each class begins with free play where caregivers can socialize and little ones can explore and settle into our special musical environment. Caregivers will bond with their babies as they sing, learn, and listen together. 

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LM - Ages 1-2
8 Week Session with a caregiver - Starts October, 2023

Your toddler is going to love each themed week of this exciting session, whether it’s getting to know other students and exploring the egg shaker or going to a tea party and keeping time on the tom toms with all their new friends! Each class will focus on singing, playing instruments, and learning musical games for students and caregivers alike.


LM - Ages 2-3½
8 Week Session with caregiver - Starts September 16, 2023

Our classes for this age group are exciting, fast-paced, and engaging enough to keep your growing toddler’s attention. Each class will feature, singing, dancing, bouncing, and instrument play, and will end with a group listening activity designed to stimulate your child’s artistic development, empathetic imagination, and musical ear.


LM - Ages -3½-5
10 Week Session without caregiver - Starts September 15, 2023

In the final chapter of our Little Musician classes, children will learn to differentiate between musical concepts such as loud/soft and quick/slow, develop a sense of rhythm, and become prepared for success in future private lessons. Children will have fun exploring new instruments, and gain confidence as they learn new songs and games each week with their peers.


What To Expect

  • A free music bag full of instruments to take home and bring to class each week
  • Developmentally appropriate material for each class level
  • Engaging, expertly-planned lessons that always include singing, dancing, instruments, and musical activities
  • A variety of musical genres, including folk, pop, jazz, and classical
  • Special themed lessons
  • Curated playlists for each age group
  • 15 minutes of free play at the beginning of every class
  • A listening piece, at the end of every class, to introduce students to different art forms
  • Unique classes that help support your child's cognitive, social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development
About The Little Musicians Program

About The Little Musicians Program

After meeting each other during the RCM Summer Intensive Music in Early Education, Danielle Dixon (B.P.S., M.A., Doctoral Researcher) and Aubrey Parker began collaborating to create the Little Musicians course. Both Aubrey and Danielle are seasoned music educators with a passion for teaching, learning, and performing, and strongly believe that early education music classes should be taught in a way that encourages the development of a positive, individualized connection to music. As designed by Dixon and Parker, every session is full of wonderful songs, games, rhymes, and musical activities that are rich in culture and will stand the test of time, and every class is unique and expertly planned to guide and develop Little Musicians.