TeacherZone Login

The Academy of Music is using an exciting platform called TeacherZone. Students and parents are given a login during registration that allows access into the system. Your login gives you access to:

  • Weekly homework assignments from your teacher
  • Online Lesson Links
  • Billing and Scheduling info
  • Chat with the admin staff
  • Chat with your teacher
  • Recital Sign-Up
  • Exam Sign-Up
  • Competition Sign-up


TeacherZone is fun and easy to use! This platform helps our customers stay informed and organized. Please read the following info and watch the tutorial videos to learn more.

Account Types

1. Parent/ Family Account. This is used to manage billing and payments. Login into the family account if you would like to update your credit card, view receipts or toggle between student accounts.

2. Student Account. This is primarily used to view weekly practice assignments. This account can also be used to sign up for recitals/ exams, message your teacher, start zoom meetings and view scheduling info.

Did you know!?

We have someone at the front desk seven days a week! Call or text (905) 878 7090 if you need help with any of our services.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can add a profile picture!
  • Using Mobile? Click the menu on the top right hand corner to access profile info, billing/payment, scheduling and more!
  • Click your name to change your username/password
  • Message "Academy of Music" in chat to speak to the front desk
  • TeacherZone works best on Chrome
  • Click "Scheduling" view upcoming appointments. You can cancel a lesson here too!
  • Click "Reporting" to view billing/ payment history

Desktop Tutorial Videos

Mobile Tutorial Videos

Coming Soon!