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The Milton Academy has a specialized drum program that is second to none. This program follows a graded course of study that can be tailored to students’ specific needs and goals. Our mission is to educate our drum students in a fun and engaging way.  Our program has been developed over the past 30 years and runs in tandem with the Halton District School board Music program. The drum program is also integrated with our ensemble programs to give EVERY student experience playing in a group setting. This program will get each student playing songs and reading music in no time!

Our drum program includes:

Drum teacher and student

Sean is teaching Catie a new snare drum etude.

  • Personalized lesson plans based on the students’ interests
  • One-on-one lessons
  • Graded course of study with exams at the end of every level
  • Eligibility for the Rock Band and Drum Ensemble Programs
  • Free extra help lessons
  • Unlimited make-up lessons

Whether you have zero playing experience or have been playing for years, we can help!


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