Congratulations!  Your child is ready for an exam

Congratulations! Your child is ready for an exam

We believe that a structured curriculum is vital for success. Our exams are conducted by a third party and will provide a non biased evaluation of the level requirements.

Exams are designed to be a positive experience for kids and give students an excellent sense of accomplishment when completed. Please read the following information and contact us if you have any questions.

Important info:

  • During COVID-19 Exams will be conducted Online
  • ZOOM Links will be provided 1 week prior to the exam
  • Sight reading will be sent the morning of the exam
  • The schedule will be posted 1 week prior to the exam
  • A score sheet and a diploma will be provided 4-8 weeks after the exam
  • Exams take 15-25 minutes
  • Free extra help lessons are available based on teacher recommendation
  • Exams cannot be rescheduled
  • Scheduling requests can be sent to info@miltonacademy.ca

Plan on being free from 9am - 5pm on the day of the exam. You will receive an exact time 1 weeks before the exam date.

How to sign up

  • 1 Make sure you are logged OUT of TeacherZone
  • 2 Click "Plans" on the correct widget below
  • 3 Select the level your child is currently in
  • 4 Click "Instrument" and select the correct choice
  • 5 Click "Sign Up Today"
  • 6 Log into the STUDENTS TeacherZone account
  • 7 Select a payment method and confirm payment
  • 8 Then you're done! We will reach out when scheduling is complete.

Exam registration is now closed. Please contact (905) 878 7090 if you are trying to sign up.