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The Academy of Music offers a graded course of study for drums, guitar, piano, voice and bass. At the end of each level, the student is encouraged to complete the corresponding exam. These exams are held at the Academy of Music in Milton, Ontario by an examiner that is sent to us from the Ontario Music Teachers’ Guild.The Guild is a non-profit organization created to ensure high quality music education by providing a standard for examinations and performances for all its members.

Following our graded program and completing exams for every level ensures  ensures that every student is meeting or exceeding The Guild’s  baseline requirements for each grade. This enables us to guarantee quality of all our music lessons at the academy. Other benefits of exams include:

  • Creating a long-term goal for each student to work on
  • Giving the student valuable playing experience
  • Ensuring all of the technical, practical and ear training requirements are met for each grade
  • Access into the Ontario Music Teacher Training Program
  • Standardized music education in the private sector

Exams are offered three times a year and typically take between 15-30 minutes. Check with your local Academy of Music for specific exam times and details.


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