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The Academy of Music has a fun and exciting vocal program that teaches the fundamentals of vocal studies with a step by step approach. This graded course of study is flexible and can be tailored each students musical goals. Our program incorporates elements of rock, pop, classical, jazz to created an educated and well rounded vocalist.

The objective with our vocalist is to give them real world playing experience. We achieve this by closely  integrating our private vocal program with our Glee and Rock band programs. Vocalists at the Academy of Music can expect:

Rock band Champs Milton

Elyse singing with her band at Champs in Milton!

  • Individualized lesson plans based on each students interests
  • Highly structured vocal programming
  • Free extra help lessons
  • Unlimited Makeup lessons
  • Access into the Glee Program
  • Access into the rock band program

 Whatever your goals may be, the Academy of Music can help! Call now for a free vocal evaluation!


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